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135 Glass to Glass Sealing Strip

Item Code: PS-135

Handrail Scroll End Piece


Rubber Gaskets for GC-723 Glass Clamp

Item Code: RB-723

Single Point Fixing Countsunk Screw

Item Code: SDP20

Item Code: GC-02S

Flipper Panel Hinge for Shower Screen

Item Code: FPH-180

Item Code: 1524-93BS

Matt Black Shower Screen Bracket

Item Code: GS-1523

Thru Glass Bracket for 19mm Shower Support Bar

Item Code: SG-BAR-THRU

Adjustable Q-Disc Rubber Inlay Set (L=5000mm) for Smart Glass Railing Channel

Item Code: Q8201
For 12 - 17.52mm Glass, With Adjustment, Length: 5000mm

Square Glass Door Hinge with Bevelled Edge

Item Code: SSH-060-T

Item Code: SS-485
Finish: Chrome, Black

Item Code: SS-490
Finish: Chrome, Black

Item Code: SS-480
For 8 - 10mm Glass Door, Finish: Chrome, Black

Square Door Handles for Shower

Item Code: GDH-222

Overall length of handle: 222mm, 203mm hole centres, Finish: Polished, Brushed or Black

Item Code: GF-06S

End Cap for WPF-300, WPF-400 Profile

Item Code: CAP-340

Item Code: WPF-300
Aluminium, Length: 3000mm

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