Stainless Steel Post (H=1100mm)
Stainless Steel Post (H=1100mm)

Stainless Steel Post (H=1100mm)

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Stainless Steel Baluster Posts (H=1100mm) - supplied with 10mm Glass Clamps, Flange and Base Cover.

Ideal for areas that need demarcation. this system offers the maximum unobstructed view, compared with our standard Post & Handrail System.

      ■ 316 grade Stainless Steel in Satin Brushed Finish, can be used both indoor and outdoor.

      ■ Ideal for application which no handrail required on top*.

Handrail Free Posts







*Please Note: These Handrail Free Posts are ONLY suitable for applications where the drop is less than 600mm. Unless a handrail is added on top.

Option 1: To add End Cap to seal the top, please also order the end cap here.

Option 2: To add Handrail on top of the posts, please order the Handrail Bracket and Handrail.



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