Baluster Posts

A range of Stainless Steel Baluster Posts, including End Post, Middle Post and Corner Post are designed to cut installation times.

      ■ Tested to 1.5kN with a welded base fitting (PST-E, PST-M, PST-E).

      ■ Designed to meet the Building Reg. (1100mm handrail height) when installed with our Ø 42.4 or 48.3mm handrail tube.

      ■ Stainless Steel grade 304 (interior applications) or 316 (exterior applications)

      ■ Available in Ø 42.4mm or 48.3mm 

      ■ Pre-fitted Glass Clamps are ready for 10mm glass (optional rubber gaskets for 8mm and 12mm glass) 

Apart from these standard posts we are also able to offer non-standard (bespoke) posts. With our made-to-order posts, you can choose from:

      Satin Stainless Finish or Mirror Polished Finish

      With or without handrail attachment on top

      Indoor or outdoor application

      Various heights: up to 5000mm

      Brackets on post: single, double, triple...

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Stainless Steel End Post

Stainless Steel End PostFrom:  £80.00

Item Code: PST-EP

180 Degree Middle Post

180 Degree Middle PostFrom:  £90.00

Item Code: PST-MP

90 Degree Corner Post

90 Degree Corner PostFrom:  £90.00

Item Code: PST-CP

Stainless Steel Plain Post (H=1100mm)

Stainless Steel Plain Post (H=1100mm)From:  £55.00

Item Code: PST-11K

Stainless Steel Post (H=1100mm)

Stainless Steel Post (H=1100mm)From:  £75.00

Item Code: PST-1100

Handrail Bracket for Round Post

Handrail Bracket for Round PostFrom:  £6.20

Item Code: PST-BKT

Gate Latch & Catch

Gate Latch & Catch£15.30

Item Code: GLC

Balustrade Gate Hinge

Balustrade Gate Hinge£13.50

Item Code: GLC-H

Flat End Caps for Round Tube

Flat End Caps for Round TubeFrom:  £1.80

Item Code: EC01

Tube Saddle

Tube Saddle£4.00

Item Code: TS

Stainless Steel Balustrade Gate Hinge

Stainless Steel Balustrade Gate HingeFrom:  £31.20

Stainless Steel Balustrade Gate Latch

Stainless Steel Balustrade Gate LatchFrom:  £42.90

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