Shower Door Hinge

This range of Glass Shower Door Hinges is designed for glass shower door with thickness between 6mm and 10mm. Shower door hinge suspends the glass shower door directly from the wall or from another fixed shower screen at 90°, 135° or 180°.

  ■  Solid brass construction with stainless steel components to ensure reliable door closure and long service life

    Available in Chrome Polished or Satin Stainless Finish

    Dual-action: hinge opens 90° in and 90° out (door opening both inwards and outwards) or Single-action: open one way only

  ■  Self-Closing when within approximately 25°-30° of closed position or Free-swing.

  ■  Available in both Wall Mount (Glass-to-Wall) and Glass-to-Glass (90°, 135° or 180° ) styles.

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