Wall Mounted Door Hinges

Wall to glass (wall mounted) door hinge can be mounted directly to the wall. This allows the glass door to be hinged directly off a wall and provides a simple, elegant look. 143 Shower Hinges

  • Solid Brass Construction with Precision Machined Stainless Steel Components
  • Opening: Dual-action spring, opening both inwards & outwards or free swing, opens one way only
  • Self-closing from approximately 25-30 degree (selected models only)

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Item Code: SH-330-T2

Item Code: SH-331-T3CP

Stainless Steel Glass Door Hinge - Wall Mounted

Item Code: SSH-310-T

Wall Mounted Glass Door Hinge - Square Profile

Item Code: JF-300-TX

Item Code: SH-333-T2BS

Item Code: SH-331-T2BK

Item Code: 1523-0xx
Finish: Black, Chrome, Brass, Satin Stainless


Item Code: BFH-076N-T

Item Code: BFH-065-T

Item Code: AL-PVH-CP

Item Code: AL-PVH-8

Item Code: SLD-CMS-102

Top & Bottom Mounted Pivot Hinge Set

Item Code: SSH-6512

Wall-mounted Half Round Frameless Shower Door Hinge

Item Code: SH-400-T

Rising Shower Door Hinge - Wall Mounted

Item Code: SH-410N

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