French Juliet Balcony

The term 'Juliet Balcony' or 'Juliette Balcony' in simplicity is a barrier placed on the outside of a French Door that is located on upper-level floors.

Compared to the traditional Juliet Balcony systems that usually made from steel with vertical bars painted in black,  our French Balcony fittings are made from super-strong stainless steel or aluminium, combined with the beauty of glass panels to achieve an unobstructed glass balustrade system, which brings your home more natural light, increase ventilation and provides better views.

Our Juliet Balcony products range offers complete Juliet balcony systems. That includes vertical window profiles and horizontal cap rails and vertical fixing. But there are more options to choose from: you can also create a Juliet balcony with glass adaptors, glass clamps, balusters and Aluminium base channels. Simply decide what best serves the style of your project.

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Item Code: QR-6923
For 12 - 21.52mm Glass, Interior & Exterior

Fixings for Juliet Balcony Profiles

Item Code: QR-JBF

Item Code: GH48
For 8 - 18mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

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