Spider Fittings

Spider Fittings with different shapes, finish and spec are available. Centre to centre dimensions vary according to the wind load and stress requirements: Light Duty Series, Medium Duty Series and Heavy Duty Series. Materials: Stainless Steel (SUS 304 or 316)

              • Spiders for Fin Supported Applications or Post Supported Applications

              • To be used with Point Fixing Bolts                

              • Satin or Polished Finish
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One-Arm Spiders Fittings

One-Arm Spiders Fittings£12.00

Item Code: KH200-1

One-Arm (Long) Spiders Fittings

One-Arm (Long) Spiders Fittings£13.50

Item Code: KH200-1L

180 Two-Arm Spiders Fittings

180 Two-Arm Spiders Fittings£18.80

Item Code: KH200-2

90 Two-Arm Spiders Fittings

90 Two-Arm Spiders Fittings£18.50

Item Code: KH200-2V

Three-Arm Spiders Fittings

Three-Arm Spiders Fittings£23.00

Item Code: KH200-3

Four-Arm Spider Fittings

Four-Arm Spider Fittings£30.00

Item Code: KH200-4

One-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings

One-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings£30.00

Item Code: FIN-S1

180 Two-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings

180 Two-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings£42.00

Item Code: FIN-S2

90 Two-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings

90 Two-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings£45.00

Item Code: FIN-S2V

Four-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings

Four-Arm Fin Spiders Fittings£60.00

Item Code: FIN-S4

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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items

BEST SELLER -- our most popular Spider Fittings

Kerol Hardware have listened to our clients and developed the above popular standard range (200 series) of spider fittings to suit most projects. Our Point Fixing Bolts can be used with these spider fittings.

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