Point Fixing Bolts

Point Fixing Bolts are also known as Routels, Articulated Bolts or Swivel Bolts. These are used for fixing single or double glazing with various thicknesses. With a cup and ball arrangement, the Swivel Bolts can achieve a rotation in the glass fitting. This rotation allows the glass panels to deflect under load without inducing stress into the glass itself around the bolt fixing.  

              eliminates the stress that is usually associated with static fittings

              reduces the stresses caused by expansion and contraction of the structure

              distributes wind loading evenly over the entire glass facade
5 Items
Articulated Point Fixing Bolt (16-25mm)

Item Code: KH-ST01

Articulated Point Fixing Bolt (10-18mm)

Item Code: KH-ST02

Flat Head Articulated Bolt for 15 -19mm Glass

Item Code: KH-ST03

Canopy Bolts

Item Code: GC06

Fixing Tool for Point Fixing Bolts

Item Code: SPD-BTW

Kerol Hardware have listened to our clients and developed this popular standard range of Point Fixing Bolts to suit most projects. However, If you cannot find something that suits your application in our standard bolts range then please contact us, we'll do what we can to meet your requirements.