Glass Channel System

Unlike the trandational 'Post & Rail' system, a framesless glass balustrade channel system can provide a contemporary design with uninterrupted view. The systems can be base fixed (also called top mount or surface mount) or side fixed (fascia mount). Our Aluminium Glass Balustrade Channels can be finished with our 'Slotted Handrail' fittings which, where required can also be used to add extra support and safety. 

We offer a choice of aluminium channel systems avilable in a range of lengths and finishes.

'SMART' Glass Channel System
'SMART' Glass Channel System

'SMART' Glass Railing Channel System is a economical solution for light to medium use.

   Top and Fascia Mounting
   For glass thickness 12.0 - 21.52mm
   Applications: Balustrades and Stairs
   Suitable for Balconies, Galleries, Walkways, Dividers, Decking and Stairs.
   Minimal use of anchors in base channel installation.
   Interior & Exterior Application.
   Max. Line Loads: 0.74 kN/m, BS 6180 Approved

Alu-Slim PRO Glass Channel System
Alu-Slim PRO Glass Channel System

One of the best channel systems for easy glass alignment, designed for light to medium residential projects.

   Suits 12.0 - 21.52mm glass
    ■ Quick and easy assembly on site.
    ■ No scaffolding required: installation and alignment of glass from inside the railing
    ■ Interior & Exterior Application.