'SMART' Glass Channel System

SMART Glass Railing Channels System

This economical solution in our range of minimalist glass railing systems, it is designed for balustrades in residential environments or other light to medium use projects.

The 'Smart' Glass Railing Channel is available with two different types of base shoe: Top Mounted Channel and Side Mounted Channel. With the fixed 'Quick-Disc' system, it can accept glass thickness 12.0mm to 21.52mm. When using the adjustable 'Quick-Disc' system, you can use glassess with thickness between 12.0mm and 17.52mm.

The Quick-Disc System is an innovative feature that simplifies glass installation:  first, set up the base shoe channels, then place the special inlays inside them, next, align your glass and inset a Quick-Disc into each inlay to secure the glass panels. Finally, to increase the pressure on the glass, just rotate the discs clockwise using the Assembly Tool.

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Glass Railing - Top Mount Base Channel

For 12 - 21.52mm Glass, Interior & Exterior

Adjustable Q-Disc Rubber Inlay Set (L=5000mm) for Smart Glass Railing Channel

Item Code: Q8201
For 12 - 17.52mm Glass, With Adjustment, Length: 5000mm

Q-Disc Rubber Inlay Set (L=5000mm) for Smart Glass Railing Channel

Item Code: Q8210
For 12 - 21.52mm Glass, Length: 5000mm

90° Corner Connector for Alu-Slim Channel
End Cap for Top Mount Base Channel

Item Code: QR-6904-C

Assembly Tool for DISC Inlay System

Item Code: TOOL84

Connection Pin for Base Channels

Item Code: QR-3005-C

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