Shower U-Channels

Aluminium Shower U-Channels or Stainless Steel Glazing Channels are used to mount showers screens to floor or wall without drilling in glass.

Type 1: Silicone Fit
         - Silicone sealant can be used to secure shower screen in the shower u-channels (e.g. GCH08, GHC09, GCH10, SCH and GCH-200).

Type 2: E-Z Fitting
      - Gasket / Insert supplied with shower channels to secure glass panels, no silicone needed (e.g. SUC08, SUC10 and CIH-220W).
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Item Code: GCH08
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2410mm


Item Code: GCH09
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2410mm
Finishes: Polished, Brushed Nickel, Black, Satin Brass, White


Item Code: GCH10
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2410mm


Item Code: SUC08, SUC10
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2410mm

Pre-drilled Floor Channel with Insert for 8 or 10mm Glass

Item Code: CIH-120F
Aluminium, Pre-drilled, Length: 1200mm


Item Code: CIH-220W
Aluminium, Pre-drilled, Length: 2200mm

Wet Room Shower Screen Channels

Item Code: GCH-200
90° Corner, 135°, 180° and 3-Way T Channels
Aluminium, Length: 2000mm

Item Code: GCH09-C

Item Code: GCH09-FB

End Cap for Shower U-Channel (GCH09, CIH-120F-08, CIH-220W-08)

Item Code: GCH09CAP

End Cap for Glass Channel (GCH10, SUC08, SUC10, CIH-120F-10 & CIH-220W-10)

Item Code: GCH10CAP

Shower U Profile for 8mm or 10mm Glass Screen

Item Code: UPF240
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2400mm
Available Finishes: Polished, Brushed Nickel, Matt Black


End Cap for 'UPF240' Series Shower U Profiles

Item Code: UPFCAP

Stainless Steel Glazing U-Channels

Item Code: SCH
Stainless Steel, Satin or Polished, Length: 2200mm

Low Profile Aluminium U-Channel

Item Code: AUP09

Low Profile Recessed Shower U-Channels for 8mm or 10 mm Glass

Item Code: RCH240
Aluminium,  Length: 2400mm

Recessed Shower U-Channels for 10 or 12mm Glass

Item Code: RCH-09 or RCH-10
Aluminium, Undrilled, Length: 2410mm

Adjustable Wall Profile for 8mm & 10mm Shower Screen

Item Code: WPF-005

Finish: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, Matt Anthracite & Brushed Bronze
Wall Profile for 8mm or 10mm Glass

Item Code: WPF-310

Wetroom Shower Screen Profile Kit (Wall Profile + Square Support Arm + Floor Support)

Item Code: WPF-BK

Aluminium 'U' Profile Track

Item Code: AUP

Deep Aluminium 'U' Channel

Item Code: 100700

End Cap for Deep U-Channels (10700X)

Item Code: 10700XCAP

Item Code: WPF-528

Item Code: CAP528

Sample of GCH-08 U-Channel (L=200mm)
Sample of GCH-09 U-Channel
Double Sided High-Bond Adhesive Tape

Item Code: GCH09FB-TAPE

Please Note: Products under this category are delivered in long lengths, which is considered oversize weight to courier companies. Therefore delivery costs start from £55.00 (ex. VAT) for items over 1000m with total order weight up to 15kg.
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