End Cap for Shower U-Channel (GCH09, CIH-120F-08, CIH-220W-08)

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Item Code
Item code  To be used with the following channels
 GCH09CAP-BP  GCH09-BP, CIH-120F-8BP, CIH-220W-8BP

This End Cap is designed to cover the open end of  our GCH09 series Shower U-Channel and 8mm CIH series shower U-Profiles to provide a nice neat finish. 

  • Available Finishes: Chrome Polished, Brushed Nickel Finish, Black Finish, Brass Finish
  • Easy to use: can be applied with a dab of silicone sealant.

*Only compatible with shower u-channel with following item codes: 
             GCH09-BP, GCH09-BN, GCH09-BK, GCH09-SB, GCH09-MBK, GHC09-PBS, CIH220W-8BP and CIH120F-8BP

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