Desktop Partitioning Brackets

For the past a few months the world changed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Virus,  which has forced us to change our behaviors and habits. To adapt quickly to the evolving situation in workplaces, and help to protect public from infections, we have worked with our suppllying parterners closely and are able to supply with various COVID-19 protection solutions to help you during unprecedented times. We've selected a range of social distance screen brackets that help to prevent the spread of teh virus and consequently to control the pandemic.

  • Elements for the construction of Containment Barriers
  • 'Hand Free' Disinfectant Liquid Dispensers
  • Gloves and Face masks Dispensers
  • 'Hand Free' Automatical Door Opening System

The desktop privacy screen bracket / counter top sneeze guard support / desk top divider panel clamps / floor partition panel brackets suitable for clamping glass, plexiglass, acrylic panels to crate safe workpales in office, school, shop, restuarant and other places... These brackets are available in a variants: surface mount or edge mount. It comes with a choies of finish: black, stianless steel or white.


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Item Code: CVD166

Item Code: CVD830

Stainless Steel Bracket for Countertop Barrier Screen

Item Code: CVDL

Desktop Partition Panel Clamp

Item Code: CVD802

Desktop Privacy Panel Bracket

Item Code: CVD807

Clamp Bracket for Desktop Screen

Item Code: CVD8027

Item Code: CVD5219

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