Stainless Steel Bracket for Countertop Barrier Screen

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Matt Stainless Steel
Glossy Stainless Steel
Black Lacquered Stainless Steel
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Sold as individual bracket, Minimum 2 brackets required for one screen. Hardware only, NO glass supplied.


This an exclusive design of stainless steel bracket for laminated glass protection barrier.
Barrier Protection for the Workplace with robust, hygienic stainless steel base
Easy  Fitting for - setting glass barrir on desktop, countertop or partitions.

Available in different finish: Glossy, Matt, White lacquered and Black lacquered

For 6 - 10mm glass panel.

Anti-slip design: Slip resistant

For screen heights: 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm (Recommended Width: 2x fittings per 1000mm, 3x fittings per 1500mm)

ROHS Compliance

The choice of material and the size of the panels must be determined from installer and/or user in accordance to the intended use and location. Sufficient stability must be ensured at all times. If necessary, several clamps are to be used or additional safety precautions have to be taken. Use for indoors applications only, avoid drafts.

When using glass, it must be ensured that it is always thermally toughened (fully tempered glass or laminated glass out of fully tempered glass).

If glass is used, it must be ensured that permanent direct metal-glass contact is avoided at all costs.
Please Note: Do not clean the brackets with abrasive products

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