Shower Door Knobs

We stock a great range of shower door knobs to compliment any interior glass door design - suits Shower Door, Bath Screen, Office Door or other Glass Doors.

This range of Door Knobs for glass door comes in two types: Double-sided (Back-to-Back) Shower Door Knobsets and Single-sided Shower Door Knobs, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Unique design make more convenient to grip, and very easy to install
  • Supplied with plastic washers to protect against glass-to-metal contact.
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Item Code: SDK-11

Finish: Chrome, Black, Brass

Item Code: SDK-12

A round Door Knob with indented concentric circles.

Shower Glass Door Knob - Matt Black

Item Code: SDK-13MBK

E-Z Grip Syle Back-to-Back shower door knobs in Matt Black Finish

Shower Glass Door Knob - Polished Brass

Item Code: SDK-13PBS

E-Z Grip Syle Back-to-Back shower door knobs in Polished Brass Finish


Item Code: SDK-14

Small Sized One sided shower door knob with backplate.

Item Code: SDK-15

A round Glass Door Knob with a concave gripping surface.

Item Code: SDK-16

A wheel shaped Door Knob set for glass door in Satin or Polished Finish.

Square Shower Door Knobs with Perimeter Indentations

Item Code: SDK-18

Small E-Z Grip Style Shower Door Knobs

Item Code: SDK-15S

Item Code: 1524-93BS

Item Code: 1524-90MBK

Item Code: 1524-CP

Single Sided Glass Shower Door Knob

Item Code: SDK-24

Standard sized Single sided shower door knob with backplate.

Back-to-Back Glass Door Knob

Item Code: SDK-G2

Stylish design Glass Door Knob provides a clean and transparent look.

Square Shower Door Knobs - E-Z Grip Style

Item Code: SDK-38

A set of  Back-to-Back Square Shower Door Knobs, E-Z Grip Style, Chrome Plated.

Shower Door Knobs have an exquisite look to them that is sure to please and would really enhance the look of your shower door. A fantastic way to enhance your bathroom's decor and a ideal replacement for shower doors or bath screens.

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