Shower Door Handles

Example ImageShower Door Handles can add a decorative touch to the interior of your bathroom.

Shower Door Handles come in three styles: Double-sided (Back-to-Back), Single-sided and Towel Bar and Handle Combo, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our stainless steel handle for glass shower door supplied with plastic washers to protect against glass-to-metal contact.

        Easy to fit.

        Stainless Steel or Brass in Chrome Polished Finish or Satin Finish 

        Comes with washers and Fixing Kits.
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D-Shaped Shower Door Handles with Decorative Metal Washers

Item Code: GDH-X00W

Hole Centre to Hole Centre: 6'' or 8''

D-Shaped Shower Door Handles

Item Code: GDH-330R

Item Code: GDH-286T

overall length of handle: 285mm, 225mm hole centres

Item Code: GDH-325BK

Overall length of handle: 325mm, 300mm hole centres

Item Code: TDH-188R

Handle Hole Centres: 8'', Towel Bar Hole Centres: 18''

Square Door Handles for Shower

Item Code: GDH-222

Overall length of handle: 222mm, 203mm hole centres, Finish: Polished, Brushed or Black

Single Sided Shower Door Handle with Knob

Item Code: GDH-200K

Hole Centre to Hole Centre: 8''

Item Code: GDH-200C

Hole Centre to Hole Centre: 8''

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