Glass Adapters

Stainless Steel Glass Panel Holders (also called glass adapters) for staircase and Juliette Balcony.

Whether being used on a staircase or balcony, glass balustrade can add a touch of modern class to your home. Glass Adapters is a simple but elegant way of  holding glass panels in place: fixed onto the side of a timber tread on a staircase, steel work or a wall, which gives you more light, better view and a greater feel of spaciousness.

22 Items
30mm Glass Adapter with Flat Back

Item Code: GA30-F
For 6 - 12mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

 40mm Glass Adaptor with Flat Back

Item Code: GA40-F
For glass up to 18mm, Indoor & Outdoor

Item Code: GA50-FX
For 8 - 18mm Glass, Indoor or Outdoor

50mm Stainless Steel Glass Adaptor

Item Code: GPH50-F4S
For 8 - 15mm Glass, Interior Use

50mm Adjustable Stand-off Glass Adapter

Item Code: AGH50-FX
For 8 - 25.52mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

Glass Adapter for Frameless Juliette Balcony

Item Code: GH48
For 8 - 18mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

Black Glass Stand-off Bracket

Item Code: KGA-52
For 8 - 17.52mm Glass

Item Code: GH30-F4
For 6 - 16mm Glass, Indoor Application

Item Code: GH50-FX
For 8 - 18mm Glass, Indoor or Outdoor

Item Code: GH60-FX or GH70-FX
For 8 - 21mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

Item Code: GDF-50-F6
For 10 - 18mm Glass, Indoor & Outdoor

50mm Stainless Steel Standoff

Item Code: EST50-F6
Glass thickness from 8mm, Standoff: 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50mm, Indoor & Outdoor

Stainless Steel Glass Adapter - Mirror Polished

Item Code: GA30-F4P or GPH50-F4P
Mirror Polished Finish, Indoor Use

Glass Stand-off Bracket

Item Code: GSB30, GSB50
For glass up to 18mm, Indoor Application

Item Code: GA30-R4

Size: M8 or M10, For Timber Fixing

Metal to Wood Thread Dowel  Screws for EST Standoff

Size: M12 x 120mm, For Timber Fixing

Wood to Metal Dowel Insert Tool

Used to drive Metal-to-Wood Thread Dowel into wood easily

Threaded Wood Insert Nut

For Timber Fixing

Item Code: GDP-SW

Spanner for EST50 / GDF-50 Glass standoff

Item Code: EST50-SW

Rubber Ring for Glass Adaptor

Item Code: RUB-R