Patch Fittings

Limited only by your imagination, our range of Patch Fittings assemblies offer the perfect solution for functional and aesthetic Commercial Glass Door setups. With an attractive satin finished Stainless steel cover, they have specially formulated Aluminum Alloy base bodies to optimize durability.

  • Die-cast body of alloy with high strength assures safety and durability.
  • Decorative case punched precisely of stainless steel sheet.
  • Pad of special oxidation resisting material.
  • Suitable for toughened glass doors with thickness of 10 or 12mm. 


For the Patch Fitting that meets your specific need, choose a picture below and click on it to view price, technical drawing, illustration plus specific product information and order online.

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Item Code: HPF203
Glass Thickless: 10mm - 13mm
Max. Door Width 1000mm, Max. Door Weight 100kg

Over Panel Patch Fitting for Hydraulic Patch Fitting Set (HPF203)

Item Code: HPF203.T

Pivot Patch Fitting Set with Adjustable Spring Closing Force

Item Code: HPF200Q
Max. Door Width 900mm, Max. Door Weight 50kg

Oil Hydraulic Glass Door Patch Closer Kit - Non-digging Floor Spring, Top Patch & Pivot

Item Code: GPC200
For Glass 8mm - 13mm
Max. Door Width 950mm, Max. Door Weight 80kg

Item Code: GPC300
For Glass 10mm - 15mm
Max. Door Width 1250mm, Max. Door Weight 100kg


Item Code: PF10

Item Code: PF20

Item Code: PF30

Corner Patch Fitting
From  £30.00

Item Code: PF40-X

Wall Mounted Bracket
Wall Mounted Bracket
From  £10.00

Item Code: PF001 & PF002

Connection Patch with Door Stop

Item Code: PFT-70G

Connector with Door Stop For Over Panel and Side Panel

Item Code: PFT-23

Over Panel Patch Fitting with Door Stop

Item Code: PFT30

Item Code: PL10

Item Code: PK30

Item Code: PL20

Item Code: PK50

Item Code: PL804-FG

Retrofit Glass Door Lock with Strike Box - No Notching

Item Code: PL48

Item Code: PL28x

Thumb Turn Patch Lock for Glass Door

Item Code: PL118

Glass Door Patch Lock

Item Code: PL161

Item Code: PK70

Item Code: PF41L

Item Code: PF41R

Item Code: PF41T

Glass Door Stopper to use in Door Frame, Wall, Floor or Ceiling

Item Code: DST-222

Glass Mounted Door Stopper

Item Code: DST-220

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