Slotted-tube Handrail

Slotted-tube Handrail, also known as Cap Rail is a stylish solution to the top of any glass balustrade and also provide a visual break.

    ■ Satin Brushed Stainless Steel 304 grade can be used indoor and 316 grade can be used indoor & outdoor

    Tube available: Ø42.4mm or Ø48.3mm

    Complete handrail and rubber gasket to push fit onto 8mm - 21.5mm thickness glass

Item Code Diameter Glass Thickness Length Finish Grade Application
CAPRAIL-RA2-424 Ø42.4mm 8mm - 21.5mm 3000mm Satin 304 Indoor
CAPRAIL-RA4-424 Ø42.4mm 3000mm Satin 316 Indoor & Outdoor
CAPRAIL-RA2-483 Ø48.3mm 3000mm Satin 304 Indoor
CAPRAIL-RA4-483 Ø48.3mm 3000mm Satin 316 Indoor & Outdoor
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Stainless Steel Slotted Cap Rail - Round

Item Code: CAPRAIL

Rubber Profile for Cap Rail (Price per Metre)

Item Code: RUB4RAIL

Connector for Slotted Tubing Handrail


Flat End Caps for Slotted Handrail

Item Code: CAPR-EC-CAP

Wall Socket for Round Slotted Handrail


Round Slotted Cap Rail  (L=5800mm)

Item Code: CAPRAIL6
Size: Ø42.4, 48.3mm, Length: 5800mm

Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray

Stainless Steel Slotted Tube Handrail and Accessories

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