Round Base Glass Clamps

Glass clamp is the perfect solution for Partitions, Railing, Staircase, Windbreaks, Displays and Sneeze Guards.  

Feature: firmly holds glass without drilling holes of panels*, a simple and effective way of securing glass panel to baluster posts. 


 Designed to accommodate 6 - 12mm Panels.

 Stainless Steel in Satin or Chrome Finish

 Suitable for Glass, Timber, Marble.

 Rubber Gaskets provides gripping power.
 Adjustable reinforced screws increase holding power.
 Security Pin* for additional support.

For details, please choose and click pictures below to view technical drawing, illustration plus specific product information. 

8 Items
'D' Shaped Glass Clamp with Curved Back

Item Code: GC-32R
Satin Finish, Indoor or Outdoor Use,
Round Back for Ø42.4 or 48.3mm Post


Item Code: GC-612FX-180

Item Code: GC-612FX-90

Hex Allen Key for Glass Clamps

Item Code: KEY04

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw

Item Code: CS-512
(Satin or Polished Finish, Interior & Exterior use)

Curved Clamping Connector
For Glass 6mm - 12.76mm
90°, 135° and 180°
Rectangular Double Clamps
For Glass 6mm - 12.76mm
90°, 135° and 180°